Gil's Restaurant
837 Knickerbocker Rd San Angelo, Texas 76903
(325) 655-5080

Happy Hour Specials (Available M-SA 5-7)

Half Price Night Specials (Tu-Th 5-9)

2.75| Cheese Nachos

w/ jalapenos

5.13| Beef Nachos

w/ cheese & jalapeno

4.13| Bean Nachos

w/ cheese & jalapenos

4.50| Enchilada Plate

2 cheese, plain sauce, carne sauce or sour cream sauce only! **beef or chicken--6.00**

5.95| Mexican Dinner

cheese enchilada, beef enchilada, beans, rice and crispy taco

4.88| Burrito Plate

ground beef, chicken, guiso or bean burrito topped with Spanish sauce and cheese. *Add $1 for queso on top!

4.50| Chalupa Plate

2 beef and bean chalupas, topped with lettuce, tomatoes and side of rice.

$6.50 | Guiso Plate

served with beans, rice and 2 flour or 3 corn tortillas

$6.50 | Chile Relleno

chile relleno beef or cheese, beans and rice

$5.50 | Taco Plate

2 crispy or 2 flour taco, beans and rice


Available Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays 5 p.m. - 9 p.m.

Due to the current environment we may be in short supply from time to time of meat dishes. We are ok as of today May10,2020 . Unfortunently we have increased our dishes containing meat by $1(hamburgers,chicken fried steak,hamburger steak,fajitas,all steak plates,beef nachos,tacos,beef tapatios,beef enchiladas,guiso,etc.) We expect this to be temporary and we apologize for the inconvenience.


Gil's Mgmt.